ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!!! With this current Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic in full bloom, and in the effort to keep you, our wonderful supporters, the SOJP staff and the artists involved safe from potential illness, the Spotlight On Jazz & Poetry Annual Event “Ascension” has been POSTPONED until further notice! Those of you that pre-purchased tickets will get a full refund. The SOJP committee will contact each of you promptly! If however you would like to hold on to your tickets for the rescheduled event they will be honored at that time. We apologize for any inconvenience! Stay safe and may God help us make it through this health challenge!

About Us

Behind the scenes at Spotlight on Jazz & Poetry

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Spotlight on Jazz & Poetry premiered in April of 2006 and is hosted by Clayton (BigTrigger) Corley Sr.

The concept of the show is based on parings of jazz musicians and their poetic contemporaries. During the program, biographical information is provided on each artist, so in a sense you can say that the show is educational as well as entertaining. At Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry, we like to refer to it as EDUTAINMENT.

The goal of the program is to educate everyone, about the history and importance of Jazz and Poetry. Clayton does a lot of research on each artist that is showcased on the program, so he stays pretty busy. He has collected so much music over his lifetime that he probably will never run out of artists to showcase. He is passionate about keeping the history of Jazz and Poetry in the forefront of black culture and consciousness.

The first show highlighted the music of John Coltrane and the poetry of Amiri Baraka. Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry (SOJP) has since featured artists such as Dinah Washington (musician), George Benson (musician), Arine Ward (poet), Stephane Moore (poet), and Lawrence Jones (musician). Leaving no stone unturned, SOJP features both legends and the newer artists in both genres. SOJP is also known for its in-depth interviews with artists such as Nikki Giovanni (poet) and Mulgrew Miller (musician). These interviews provide artists with a forum to talk about their work and the creative process. 

Tune in to Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry “ON DEMAND” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information about the artists featured on each show, stop by SOJP’s website – Liner Notes

Mission Statement

The mission of Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry (SOJP) is to provide quality entertainment concentrating on the genres of jazz and poetry, both online and via annual “LIVE” events, providing a forum for a myriad of artistic expression within these genres. Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry is dedicated to enhancing the poetry and jazz awareness of the communities we serve by imparting significant information about poetic and jazz arts and artists, and contributing to the historical importance for each genre in today’s culture.


The concept of the show is based on pairing jazz musicians and poetic contemporaries. During each online program, brief biographical information is provided on each featured artist, as well as the inclusion of selected tracks of the artist’s performance.  Additionally, interviews with featured artists are conducted, recorded and made available to listeners on the website. Detailed information about the featured artists can be viewed on the SOJP website’s 
Blog” page.

amazing team That Makes Spotlight On Jazz & Poetry A Success

The Faces Behind The Success

Clayton "Big Trigger" Corley Sr.

CEO & Host

Donna "Celestial Dancer" Kirven

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