ARINE WARD, better known throughout the poetry world as Skee Wee 1908 was born November 6, 1973 to the Bishop and Mrs. James Ward, right outside Music City, TN. A 1996, graduate of TSU, with a nursing degree, a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC. Arine heads the family business as well as maintains employment within the travel industry. Arine is single and makes her home in Houston, Texas.

Arine says she has been writing all ofher life. But within the last six months, she has taken on the challenge of recording her work. After hosting an open mic poetry hour on, in the Black House of Music and Soul Jams, she saw the excitement and eagerness of poets striving for a better tomorrow. She was encouraged to step out and see which direction her work could actually flow. After speaking with a beats producer, and learning the ins and outs of the poetry world, networking began to flourish. Soon people who had no Idea she existed started inquiring of my next read. From there She became and active member of Nipps Poetic Nook on, Chocolate Nipps, took Arin under her wing, and together they make things happen.

When she is able, Arine does a lot of volunteer work, especially within the developmental pediatric units. Her ultimate favorite pasttime, is running. Arine loves to run. You can catch her in gyms and tracks coast to coast just running!

Currently though, she is recovering from ACL/Cartilage surgery, and with time on her hands, she has been able to pour more energy into the craft that has given her the outlet to heal and work all at the same time. Arine is currently working on her first CD Project, entitled “The Rebirth of Me” a brief history of this CD, is more of a testimonial from where she’s been to the person she is today. Overall being the Bishops daughter, to being kidnapped, Arine is a survivor with a story.

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