Lovely Brown aka LovelyBrnFemale, represents the new visionary vanguard of female Spoken Word artist, utilizing ground-breaking techniques such as audio loops, samples, and a combination of singing with lyrics to set a remarkable audio experience.

Lovely, born and raised in Kansas City, Mo., realized her gift for dynamic poetic expression at five years of age when she won first place for painting a picturesque image of the Kansas City Zoo and its animals. From there she developed a curiosity for the art, and gained the self-confidence needed to branch into different styles of the craft.

Her greatest influences have been her parents, who both attended the Kansas City Art Institute, allowing her to grow up in the bosom of their artistic endeavors. Other influential elements were music-of-substance of the 1960’s, poetry, writing, painting, photography, drawing, and gardening. In addition, her grandmother, an educator for 36 years, was a published author of many educational books, while her other grandmother implanted the essence of quality of country-living and the value of integrity and forgiveness.

Beyond her poetic undertakings, Lovely has dedicated her life as an advocate for people with mental/physical disabilities. She has helped to organize fundraisers for Habitat for Humanity, served on the Board for The Salvation Army, assisted battered and abused women, and held a position as the youth program Director for the George Foreman Youth & Community Center in Houston , Texas .

After being a victim of life’s circumstances which resulted in the loss of her job, car, and home Lovely found herself in the unfortunate station of homelessness. But rather than succumb to the negative aspect of her situation, Lovely used her adversities and life teachings to create an overcoming, and through faith to rebuild her life towards complete self-sufficiency. “This journey was meant for me to take,” became her rallying cry.

Triumphing over life’s pains has given Ms. Brown a keener sense of tapping into her five senses, and added on a sixth sense; the ability to smell the essence of someone’s spirit through written word. This sixth sense has helped her reach new levels of writing and placing her words before the world to see in the art form of poetry and “Spoken Word.”

In 1992 Lovely-Brown began using the information-highway (the Internet) by creating and moderating various writing groups. These groups started as battle text competitions, then later evolved into what’s now known as “Lovely’s Flip Side, a Yahoo Group community which engages its international member base from with un-moderated life ( Through her online vigilance Lovely has implemented several proposals to the United States Congress, including establishing a “Campaign Against Internet/Chat Abuse,” to expose “online predators and bullies.” Her strong ability to network over had aided her in establishing the trust of many friend, and earned her a great deal of respect throughout the online community.

In 2007, she broadened her Web horizons to for which the Producer/Author/Poet and Spoken-Word Artist Truth Theory discovered her talent and inspired her by saying: “The world needs to hear your voice.”

Truth Theory asked her to become an administrator of his group named: “PO3TIC VOICES” (, a spoken-word movement which provides a mixture of experienced Spoken Word artists, poets transitioning into speaking their written-word, and new artist learning how to mix tracks to voice their pieces. PO3TIC VOICES is one of the fastest growing poetic presences in the industry, making available opportunities for “indie” artist, and since becoming a member and administrator, Lovely has had the opportunity to collaborate with many great artist such as Truth Theory &Love Oneself “Mine Own,” TheNxtLevel “Yet So Far,” Poetic Soul “Brown Feel,” and DikaFlow “When I Believe/Move.”

In association with Truth Theory, Lovely Brown co-hosts “Spoken Truth”, a Spoken Word radio show on Blog Talk Radio ( where issues dealing with black community interest are discussed. With its combination of passionate and pro-active artists, Spoken Truth is available for podcast in iTunes, and is moving towards international exposure, giving PO3TIC VOICES the ability to grow stronger in the Spoken Word movement. Lovely is also a contributing author to the online magazine “Chaotic Dreams Online”. Her work has also graced the pages for the past two years and it just signifies another facet of her bringing her thoughts and dreams to the masses.

“The Seductress of Rhetoric Frenzy” derives her diverse style from a wide array of subject matters such as politics and sensuality, spiritually driving her to a passionate design and ability to move into different genres of Spoken Word.

Lovely Brown, a spoken-word album, coming soon.

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