Nelson Saha was born in Paterson, NJ. Nelson is a poet, producer, father, performer, preacher. activist dream builder and mentor to some of the most talented artists of our age. Nearly 20 years of experience in the edutainment industry has made the Man known as Maximus Parthas all of these things and more.

His career began in the early 90’s and by 1997 Max had hit the national scene with the rap group FAM. The first Family in Hip Hop history (Max & his children) Within 2 more years Max had established himself in the industry as a manager, producer, performer and marketing wizard of unparalleled ability. With Max as it’s head, the company he founded, “FAM Entertainment” became a local media icon with over 20 artists under that banner. Using his uncanny publicity savvy, Max and the edutainers he managed graced a multitude of magazine covers, newspaper headlines, and national television. All while doing it as a family.

By 2001 Max had done much. From his own radio show to a syndicated TV series. But something was missing and it left the poet unfulfilled. Money was neither the goal nor the answer. Fame was fleeting and finicky at best. None of it held the sense of achievement he sought. Growing up in impoverished Paterson NJ had taught Max many lessons. Primarily that life needs heroes and leaders who have the courage to face conformity head on and make a lasting difference in the quality of our society.

A born leader, it wasn’t long before his poetic peers sought direction from the much accomplished activist and writer. Unlike the present icons of rap, the pioneers of poetry were interested in truth and positive change. Their main goal wasn’t money. (what poet can expect to get rich?) They wanted nothing more than to be heard. These poets represented nearly every state in the union. Getting people heard was something Max excelled in. The combination could become a national phenomenon but Max was reluctant to lead so many when he himself knew the consequences of speaking out. Alone he could continue to fight against issues like poverty, racisms, inequity, corruption and political dictatorship. Yet he was loathe to include those who didn’t realize the price of such pursuits. Eventually, Through trust and friendship, the poets of DPJ convinced Max to lead them into a new era.

Within 4 years Max and the poets of a Prysmatic Dreams did exactly that. Repeating the steps that had made Hip Hop so successful and incorporating the emerging technologies of the internet, these groundbreaking literary pioneers created an ever growing movement that humbly began with their home site “PrysmaticDreams” and has now grown to over 500 poets, 14 venues nationwide, a nationally syndicated show and a global audience.

Maximus Parthas may have led the way, but every accomplishment was made as a team. With a multitude of venues, achievements and awards, those pioneers that began by chance at DPJ got what they wanted and more. To be heard. To make a difference in their communities and lives. To allow creative talents unrestricted growth while edutaining the world with art. To reach out and reach back for those who would follow the tenets of A New Word Order. As industry trendsetters, their influence continues to touch the entire genre of spoken word/poetry today.