Tshombe Sekou Harris, who goes by the name Truth Theory was born April 18, 1973 in New Orleans, La. He wrote his first piece of literature in July of 2006 as a release of emotions, and continued on to write poetry. With this new found affinity for poetry combined with his love for music, he began composing tracks to flow with his written words. It was at this time he created the moniker of Truth Theory. After getting much feedback on his blogs in places like blogger, MySpace, and multiply.com, he was encouraged to continue in his craft for words and music.

After much writing, he eventually recorded his written poetry pieces for the first time in the form of a spoken word album titled “IAMNOTAPO3T” which can be purchased at CDbaby.com, an album he self produced and published as an indie artist for raising funds for his self established scholarship “The Truth Theory African American Heritage Scholarship” that is given out bi-annually to young under privileged African-Americans looking to go on to college, to find more on the scholarship you can visit www.truththeory.com.

He continues to write poetry occasionally as a form of release while managing an online poetry group “Po3tic Voices” a group of 55 poets moving to harness their skills in the spoken word realm, hear more about poetic voices at www.po3ticVoices.multiply.com. He also hosts an online spoken word talk show “Spoken Truth” over on www.blogtalkradio.com and soon here on NAL Radio, this talk show is designed for “Indie” artist to share some of their works and for providing a forum for discussing some of the issues in our community. He does all of this as he furthers his career in the US Navy and completes his Degree in Computer Engineering. He is also currently working on his second and third CD, which he is hoping to complete by the summer of 2008.

“In my opinion,” Tshombe says, “poetry and jazz are one in the same in that they both are rhythmic and free flowing. Poetry is image forming and thought provoking, it allows the reader/listener to use their mind as a canvas to generate their own experiences as well as new emotions. Well, non-vocalized jazz does this very thing—it takes you to heights, new levels of highs and lows. So jazz and poetry, together are a sure fire cocktail for a mind altering experience.”

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